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3 Reasons Why Vinyl Cladding May Be The Ideal Choice For Your Home

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Re-cladding your home can give it a much-needed facelift and help to create a more modern overall look. It can also improve the functional properties that cladding provides for your home, including weatherproofing, insulation and fire protection. Vinyl cladding is an increasingly popular choice for many Australian homeowners. If you're planning to re-clad your home, then here are three reasons why vinyl may be the ideal material to choose.

It's fast and easy to install

One of the main benefits of vinyl cladding is that the installation process is quick and simple. The cladding sheets are pre-fabricated to your exact specifications and don't require any extra sizing or trimming on site. Vinyl is also lightweight and doesn't require machinery or a large number of contractors to install it.

Vinyl cladding can also be installed directly over the existing cladding on your home. This removes the time, labour and expense involved with stripping off the old cladding. If your current cladding contains asbestos, the removal process can be even more expensive and time-consuming due to the strict safety laws regarding its removal.

2. It's excellent for insulation

Insulation has become a top priority for many Australian homeowners. This is due to the increased energy efficiency, the reduced electricity bills and a more sustainable lifestyle that effective insulation provides. Vinyl cladding dramatically increases a home's insulation, particularly for older homes that have little or no wall insulation.

If insulation is important to you, then choose a vinyl cladding that has an insulated backing material or an insulated core. These materials have high R-values, which is the term used to describe the amount of heat transference that insulative materials blocks between the exterior and interior of your home.

3. It's durable and low-maintenance

Perhaps the most attractive feature of vinyl cladding is its durability and how little maintenance it requires. Modern vinyl cladding uses elements with properties that lengthen their lifespan and prevent damage from UV exposure, moisture and weathering.

Unlike other cladding materials such as timber or fibro-cement, vinyl is incredibly low maintenance and only requires a quick wash down with water occasionally to stay looking good and functioning well. The colour of the cladding goes right through the material, so even after many years, the colour will stay true without the need for expensive and time-consuming repainting.

If vinyl cladding sounds like it could be the perfect choice for your home, then contact your local cladding contractor. They can help you to decide which style of vinyl cladding will best suit your requirements.