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What Many Homeowners Don't Know About Air Conditioners

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Many homeowners never think about their home's air conditioning until the unit shuts down, usually on the hottest day of the year. However, knowing just a little bit about the air conditioning system in your home and how it works can ensure that it's always in good repair and that you're not causing undue wear and tear on the unit. Note a few things that many homeowners don't know about air conditioners so you can ensure yours is always working as it should be, and your home is always comfortable.

Bigger is not always better

You might assume that you should invest in the most powerful air conditioner on the market or the biggest one you can afford, but note that air conditioners work at a certain pace for a reason. When they come on, they address not only heat but also humidity in your home. If an air conditioner blows air too forcefully through the vents in your home so that the temperature is lowered too quickly, it might not be able to remove humidity at the same time. In turn, your home might actually feel cold and clammy. Check charts and other such info online for the right size of air conditioner for your home and don't assume that a bigger unit will mean added comfort for your home, as just the opposite might be true!

 The filter needs to be changed during the summertime

You may think of changing your furnace filter before wintertime starts, so that it works to capture dust and other debris that might clog the furnace and make it work harder. However, your central air conditioning unit is typically connected to the furnace, as both pieces of equipment push air through all the vents in the house. If the filter is very dirty and old, this can make the air conditioner work harder as well. Change the filter before summertime or as often as recommended by your manufacturer so the air conditioner runs cleanly throughout the season.

You can clean it yourself

Don't let the housing unit of your central air conditioner scare you; very often they are made to be easily accessible. You can unscrew the upper panel that covers the fan and then very easily clean the grill from the inside and the fan blades as well. You can also inspect the wiring and hoses to note if they seem worn or damaged. This can tell you if you need to call a repairperson to replace them, but this general cleaning can also go a long way toward keeping your unit in good repair and working as it should.