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Reasons to Get a Building Inspection before Purchasing a Home

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Purchasing a home can be an exciting prospect. Not only is this one of the biggest financial investments that you can make, but it also means you are on the road to financial independence, as you no longer have to deal with landlords and rent. However, some prospective homeowners tend to be caught up in the excitement of choosing paint colours and flooring and forget that they should have a building inspection done before putting down a deposit. Here are some of the reasons why you should opt for building inspections before purchasing a home.

Building inspections establish any structural problems

Conducting a walk-through in a home with an untrained eye will almost always lead you to not notice any faults. However if you do this with a professional contractor like Prime Building & Pest Consultants Pty Ltd, then you are better placed at being enlightened on any structural issues on the premises. Structural problems are serious and need to be addressed before you move into the new property. This is because any unsound walls or compromised foundation can lead to the house collapsing at any moment. Additionally, some structural issues may not be able to be solved with simple repair and you may have to knock down entire sections of the home. Finding these problems after you have made the purchase will undoubtedly cost you a pretty penny.

Building inspections help you budget for repairs

In some instances, purchasing a property that needs repairs may seem financially sound, as chances are you will get it at a lower market price. However, you need to establish the extent of these repairs before putting any money down. In some instances, you may find that the repairs are too costly when compared to the amount of money that you are paying for the home. Additionally, some unscrupulous sellers may hide some repairs from you in order to deceive you that you are getting a good deal. Professional building inspection will enlighten you on all the repairs that need to be done whether it is leaking roofs to faulty plumbing. You then can make an informed decision on whether it is a sound investment on a fixer-upper or if you would rather pay a little extra for a less decrepit home.

Building inspection ensures your home is up to safety codes

There are number of safety codes that homes in Australia have to adhere to. For example, your house has to be appropriately fitted with smoke alarms and fire detectors. An average person may not know how to go about ensuring that the residence is up to code. A building inspection will determine this for you to ensure that your new home is within the regulations.