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Three Key Points Your HVAC Contractor Considers During a Cooling Tower Maintenance

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One of the many tasks homeowners face is HVAC system and cooling tower maintenance. This maintenance task is usually handled by an HVAC specialist or a general contractor, such as those at Breezewater Pty Ltd. You may be wondering what steps are taken specifically for the cooling tower, since most contractors will simply list this as part of the general maintenance. If you want to know where your money is going on the HVAC maintenance bill, here are a few key points your contractor will handle during the cooling tower maintenance.

Seasonal Cleaning

One of the tasks that an HVAC contractor will work on is the seasonal cleaning of the cooling tower. This cleaning is to remove any debris or build-up that may have occurred during the winter season downtime. During this process, the contractor will check for any leaks in the system, anything that may be blocking the cooling tower or fans, and any rust that may prevent the tower and system from working properly. This is an important step since certain issues, like frayed wires or broken fans, can cause major operational issues.

Biocide Treatments

One of the issues that can happen to a cooling tower during the winter downtime is the breeding or organisms such as Legionella bacteria. A biocide treatment is put into the cooling tower either through a liquid or spray. This treatment will kill any bacteria or organisms that may be present and ensure that no bacteria will be present in the cooling tower when the system starts. Keep in mind that bacteria present in the cooling tower can enter into the HVAC system and cause mould, mildew, or possibly bacteria entering the air supply in your environment.

Disinfect the Unit

Another process the contractor will handle is to disinfect the unit. This includes the cooling tower as well as the fans and tower housings. Most contractors will introduce a liquid disinfectant into the cooling tower, tower housings, and the system through either the distribution hoses or through a spray that is introduced directly to the various working areas of the system. At the end of this process, the contractor will inject the unit with the proper chemicals that will keep it cool and running throughout the year.

These are only three of the steps or processes that your contractor will take when they are running a cooling tower maintenance call. If you have specific questions regarding what the maintenance call from your HVAC contractor entails, make sure to ask prior to the appointment and ensure that you are paying for the right services and getting all the services you need for your specific HVAC unit and cooling towers.