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5 areas in your home ideally suited to window privacy film

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The modern design aesthetic embraces the clean lines of glass, steel and white walls. Many people are becoming used to the concept of living in houses with expanses of glass wall or window, but the instinct to retain some privacy remains. Frosted window film can be the perfect way to protect that privacy. Here are some areas within your home that, for various reasons, are ideal for window film.

1. Angled windows

If you have high angled windows or skylights, they can be a nightmare to screen. Normal blinds won't hang properly or the mechanism can't be reached and remote-operated shutters are extortionately expensive. Having window film installed can add privacy without losing light from the room.

2. Bathroom windows

Blinds in bathrooms are highly susceptible to mould, which is both unsightly and unhygienic. Of all the rooms in the house, however, the bathroom is the one where you really don't want people to be able to see in. Even if the window is only visible from your own garden, a clear view into the bathroom isn't very desirable when hosting a BBQ! Frosted window film can be a discreet solution that protects the clean lines of your bathroom's design. It is also a good idea for a laundry room as dampness can again be an issue here for other forms of window dressing.

3. Home office

If you work regularly from home, you might consider window film for your study/office area. The simplicity of privacy film compared to fussy drapes is more suitable for a work environment. It also removes that distracting view from the window which can cut into your productive hours.

4. Balcony

Glass balcony screens are a common-place feature in many new apartment developments, but in such close communal living privacy is at a premium. If your strata regulations allow it, frosting film applied in horizontal stripes can look very elegant. This will restrict your view out, but also to a substantial degree prevent a view in.

5. Pool fence

As with balcony screens, pool fences are often made from glass panels. You can screen yourself from neighbours whilst sunbathing or enjoying a swim by having frosted film applied to the glass. Ensure that the film used is of sufficient quality to withstand the outdoor elements.

Window film is a wonderful means of enjoying the variety and modernism of glass without sacrificing the comfort of your privacy. Contact a contractor today from a company like Solchek Pty Ltd to get window privacy film for one of these areas.